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didgital art

"The graphics of "un lieto fine" are the result of intuition and ingenious creativity, as well as countless technical efforts to make the images the best. Colours and music are complementary. Polina took care of every detail of the cover and booklet by cropping flower by flower and choosing the character best suited to context and words." (c) Elena Salvoni

the visual design of the disc fell on my shoulders by accident. helena salvoni for me at the time of communication with her was a friend. and on another quiet evening for a peaceful ongoing conversation, I offered my candidacy as an option for a possible cover. and after that began work. for me, the most important aspect was to express her songs in the visual component of the album, as this is the first thing that those who will hold the disc in their hands see. and as she said later, I was really able to emphasize the internal state of the songs well. this work was very important and interesting for me, at least because it was the first work related to printing and formats (in which I understood nothing at the beginning of work)
more than I am grateful to attack the opportunity, Elena herself because supporting each other at the time of creating something in common is the most important value. big lesson!

voices of dust

during a long absence, one's home may become alien to us, even if nothing has changed. you can get out of Plato's cave to discover a new reality and notice the objects that, despite being present, seemed invisible. now they come to light to be visible, even though they were already here before me.

the embroidery of loneliness

we embroider our loneliness ourselves.
a new disease is rampant in society.
more and more we prefer to isolate ourselves, instead of having the company of someone.
embroidery and reflection are part of this intervention that was realized in the public space of St. Mark's Square and that uses, as a primary resource, statistics related to the countries with the highest rate of loneliness in the world.


in the first wave of the Lockdown 2020. it was so difficult to live in this moment. i couldn't understood what it was : sunrise or sunset. what I must to do :sleep or work. the installation talks about my everyday routine without the beginning and the end. how I could find myself in this

may of 2020.

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